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  • Kersey & Associates does not discriminate. Every service we offer is provided without regard to race, color, sex, national origin, disability, or age. We comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Title VII, the Civil Rights Act, Age Discrimination in Employment Act, and other federal, state, and local prohibitions against discrimination.
  • Confidentiality - We realize the sensitivity with which your job search needs to be handled. When you complete the Online Resume, you have our word we will adhere to your wishes regarding to confidentiality. We will not share your confidential information with anyone without your prior consent. We encourage you to complete the Online Resume. We will review your information and contact you as soon as we are able to match your requirements with an available job opportunity.
  • The Jobs listed are all reviewed to be non-discriminatory.  Although Top Echelon Network, Inc., makes every attempt to prevent the listing of any job which violates discrimination laws, the sheer volume makes this an impossibility. For these reasons, we assume no liability with respect to the content of jobs listed on this Web page. If you see a job containing discriminatory content, please notify us immediately so we can have this job purged.